Live Weddings

From the beautiful bride to the littlest flower girl, every moment and memory of your wedding can be commemorated in a one of a kind painting. This timeless piece of art will become a family heirloom, always reminding you of your love for each other, and the beauty of your special day. Commission your painting to be painted live at the wedding and finalized in the studio. Pricing is based on location and size, ranging from $600 to $1200. The Live Wedding tab on this site contains many examples of wedding art.

Pet Portraits

Commissioning a painting of your pet is a heartfelt way to capture the individual personality, energy, and spirit of your pet in a way that transcends the limitations of photography. You'll add warmth and charm to your home, and have a lasting tribute to the love and joy your pet brings into your life. Your pet portrait will be a cherished keepsake full of memories of your furry friend. Painted with acrylics and pastels on cold press paper for framing, or on canvas ready for hanging, prices range from $100 to $150. The Pet Portrait tab on this site shows examples.

Christian Art

Bring your own inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your vision adds depth and individuality to your living space. Custom Christian art is a way to capture the most meaningful scripture or event in your life as a believer. Many have said that a painting of the Lion of Judah, God's protection from Psalm 91, or any spiritual scene, actually changes the atmosphere in their homes, bringing peace and comfort.   You can commission a painting that marks a turning point in your life, or choose from the many pieces on this site. Prices range from $150 up, depending on size and complexity.

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